Saturday, January 31, 2009

New restaurant in town!

I know my friends and family out there think that all we do is eat but honestly there is more to life here in San Pedro than that, we drink as well!
So off we go on another road trip all the way up north of the island of Ambergris Caye. Now some of you out there may laugh but it was pointed out to me yesterday that my very good friend Ruth, whom I have posted once or twice has not been that far yet and has lived here a year next month! Knowing what a foodie she is along with the rest of us and that she follows my blog here you go my very good buddy get yourself up there and here's one or two reasons why!

Jan a wee bit camera shy and M
Their nachos were absolutely fine and spicy

Not sure what these were some kinda roll things also very good

Ummm even better ones

Beth and I

Fossil one and the lovely Michelle, my new BFF till Cinders comes back!

Group shot
Ready and willing this time
Pulled chicken sandwich, glad I wasn't around to see the pulling!

Pulled pork, much tastier

Rice n beans

Always a favourite

Fossil two thought this was going to be small, HELLO!

Watching the crocs as you eat, I just missed getting one of them hanging out! Note to ones self, never bring Jackie or Lisbon to this place as they may never be seen again!

Always room for cake and wow was this worth the long drive up here!

Some serious rum cake equally delicious

Never a blog without a resident dog in the post

The sign says it all, a must over the weekend only though so don't head up the beginning of the week as you will be sorely disappointed.

Regular menu and some daily specials, well not every day as only open 3 a week! I think I would like to come and work for them for sure.

Bye bye cutie pie, sorry no leftovers for you Jackie and Lisbon are getting them.

Cool sign or what!

No valet parking which is a bit off don't you think, someone should have that idea eh!

You can't even pee without me lurking somewhere with the camera but unlike Phil, Mark went in the toilet!

Everyone is a photographer! The funny thing is that this one used to be in The Royal Air Force but you should see his efforts now! Absolutely hysterical but bless him he tries and as I am told every day he is such a great guy that I am blessed to have them as parents! Thank goodness for digital is all I can say! Check out the footwear, European or what, the timeshare gangs are having a field day with my fossils as everyone wants them to go on tour but they say no thanks you we know Sharon, seems to work for now as they haven't bought anything yet!

Pit stop on the way home for the real photographer and to tease you cold and miserable lot of followers out there!
We will steal her photos later as looking at that beast of a camera there will be some good ones!

Another great trip out with good food, good rum, who can get that wrong eh! Most of all good company, I hope this entices a few visitors and people that live here to pop up to The lazy Croc as not only is their food good but they are really nice people which counts for me big time as one can eat anywhere even home! TTFN

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