Saturday, January 10, 2009

Black Orchid - a new spa

Last night was the open house for the latest spa on San Pedro called Black Orchid. It is where Sol Spa used to be above the Seaduced office around the corner from front street.
As you would expect from Rebecca Arceo is it very classy and well done. This is the reception area and two of the girls that do some of the treatments there.
The colour and feel of the place is very mellow and relaxed and somewhere you know you are going to float out of. For two camera shy girls they are very photogenic.

Some familiar faces there to check it out and great to see Zoe back from Seattle for a few weeks.

Sari of course being very relaxed and low key in this setting.

One of the rooms
The lighting and candles everywhere gave the right feel and ambiance

Umm some lovely nibbles to snack on and the best Mohito

Just to prove that I am not totally vain here is a nasty shot of me getting a chocolate and mint foot scrub.
This mixture unique from Rebecca's mum Janet was so tasting my dogs licked it off later when I got home!
The two Rebecca's in the back of the shot minus their heads! Oh well they weren't to be in the picture anyhow thanks to Zoe for a funny shot!

This is the men's room? Ah ha no naughty thoughts you lot out there this is where the man can chill out whilst waiting for the ladies and have a couple of treatments as in pedi and manicures or a facial whilst watching tv or reading men's magazines. Great idea Rebecca and it means the ladies can spend more time knowing the men are not tapping their feet in the waiting room!

Rebecca and her team of lovely ladies, not quite ready for the shot!

Here they are a bevy of beauties ready to revitalise anyone who walks through their doors. I will be urging many people to go and try if for themselves as the guests we have sent so far from Banyan Bay and Grand Colony have absolutely loved it and some of them went back within the week.
Their website is and they are open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm but can also do additional times and will come to the resorts if booked ahead of time. Good luck to Rebecca and her girls, I will be in very soon.

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