Thursday, January 15, 2009

What goes on Tuesday nights?

Here you have it! We know how to live it up here in San Pedro!

Other gringos like us were there to try their luck including Robert minus his parrot.

It's serious stuff as auntie D and Maureen both put their glasses on!

Ruth our new blogging partner in crime came to see what it was all about as she hadn't played bingo for about 15yrs, now she is hooked!

Of course there were a cocktail or two involved, mum and auntie D have gotten rather partial to rum punch!
The caller and one of the new owners of Pier lounge

Ruby the bar person kept everyone topped up and as can be seen she is a whole lot of fun.

Auntie D getting into the swing of Belize's very unique bingo. As can be seen behind her are some local lads that were really into it and won a couple of rounds.

We took it in turns to play two cards every time to make it easy for the guy running it as this made it 10bz a round for our gang and Ruth was paying close attention on her go.

This young lady was about to leave but took a turn to be a guest caller for a few turns of the wheel.
I love this shot and it needs no words just funny!

Look who won the last round which was 5bz instead of 2bz so was well worth winning, Ruth had to share it with another man but hey it meant the night was a total cost of 5bz for each of us. Not too bad for a nights entertainment and now Ruth is hooked and wants to come again next week! Hurry back RCI owners and drag me to Pedro's!

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tacogirl said...

I was wondering if bingo was still on thanks for answering that question.