Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shout out to muppets!

This picture is for our Cinders who is actually on her way home right now to Belize but I thought she would like to see the special people in her life. Paul her other half is taking Molly her wee dog our for a run and what better way to do it, kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes.

I just had to post this one as we were heading north to a new restaurant and stopped to fill up the golf buggie. I thought I had lost my mum but turned around and there she is as can be seen having a chat with a lovely local man. I can only guess what they were saying and am totally bemused by the whole thing because as far as I am concerned this man only speaks Spanish and my mum only speaks English ( with a northern accent). What do they say about worlds apart, this was a lovely moment that had to be captured. Pictures and post of the rest of the day to follow ttfn have to walk the wee ones.

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