Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bye bye auntie D-back to Canada

The day had come for auntie D to head back for the last leg of her break from not so sunny England, so off we went to breakfast before popping her on the wee plane.

Um serious stuff choosing what to have from so many options, glasses on and head down, a bit like bingo!
Cinnamon toast and then some healthy fruit, well done mother!

American breakfast bless them!

Dad very proud of what we was about to eat!

You getting hungry yes looking at all of this food?

My favourite and possibly the best salsa on the island, it has a kick but is oh so fine!

Happy people

Why not give Blue Water Grill some free advertising as this place is for sure one of the top restaurants on Ambergrise Caye. The food is always consistently good, the service great and sat facing the water just can't be beat!
Here we sit patiently waiting for the plane to whisk auntie D off. FYI Maya air is still doing 25% discount for flights paid on the day and in cash only so people coming to see us make the most of that saving.

Bye bye auntie

Always at the airport and never getting on a plane, a bit like going to a lot of weddings I guess, my time will come. Anyhow one visitor down and a couple more to come for mum and dad. Auntie M is heading over from England in a couple of weeks and then my Auntie pat and cousin Kim from Long Island. The trouble with living in a nice place is that everyone wants to come and visit! I am not moaning as it means lots of treats for me and the dogs that we can't get here in San Pedro, ttfn.

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