Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saturday's in paradise!

Saturday was my day off and to be spent with the fossils as auntie D fondly calls herself and my parents. So around 12.30pm we headed all the way up north to try out the new restaurant Aji. As can be seen I took a couple of pictures along the way to show how lovely the flowers are right now. This wee fellow just sat on the wall posing for us.

For all my lovely followers out there this one is a total tease to show you what you are missing right now, check out that blue sky!

The fossils awaiting their lunch whilst having a cocktail or two, now I know where I get it from.

I didn't take my two hounds but there is always a dog or two where ever you go and of course we all know this one.
It is in a beautiful setting and has areas set aside for some private seating, the bar is very inviting and the staff are super nice.

We ordered 4 dishes and had a try of every ones, my dad had the pirate sandwich which had real chips!
Auntie D ordered the garlic shrimp which was super tasty

Mum ordered their special of the day which was beer chicken with some mashed potato and fried aubergine and onion rings, again very good.

I ordered their Paella of which they have 3 options, meat, fish or a vegy one. I had the meat but just had chicken and shrimp and no beef in it. I must say it was absolutely fabulous and would make me want to go back there to have it again.

This was the funniest sign I had seen in a long while and apparently was a requirement.

Oh my goodness everyone is a photographer bless them, at least mine go somewhere!

There she is again Charlie waiting for us all to leave

We stopped to see JD on our way home who chatted away to my dad, luckily that sign is big enough to hide his belly!

Our mode of transport for the day was our faithful Cholo golf cart which carted us around admirably.
We had a great afternoon and covered some more of the island for Auntie D and even the old parents thought there were a lot of changes in the year since they had been to visit. We headed home for a game of phase 10, don't we lead the high life! Well Saturday's are the day to recover from Friday nights but we will blog that next week, ttfn.

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