Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas day, finally!

I can't believe where the past week has gone and have been so slack at blogging so here are the very amusing pics of Christmas day in Pedro's then I can post our New years eve!
Check out all those secret Santas this year, there were 50 of them!

Everyone hanging out before the absolute feast of the season. Pedro and his gang had cooked for over 60 people this year.

Check out those smiles, anyone would think we were a happy bunch.
Note this man as he pops up a lot later on in that very orange t-shirt. It is taco boy himself aka IT Paul. Ut oh the Scots have arrived, brace yourselves everybody!

A table fit for Kings and Queens for sure.

Some happy campers

Beth and I, hello to all Beth's family she is fine although missing you all of course.

Mine and Ruth's mum having a laugh about something or someone! Maybe too much red wine already.
My mum and dad and the first Christmas day with them for 6 years bless.

My other dad, the one and only JD.

The chef of the day, the fabulous Walter, wearing one of his many hats whilst working for Pedro!
Jeff a new member in our gang and the wonderful Jamilla.

Grant and his son Kyle joining Pedro's lively table.

This little one looked like a princess in her lovely dress.

These two fantastic ladies were responsible for the delicious desserts, Cindy and Marie.

Some of the smokers taking 5 outside in-between courses.

The start of the secret Santa with Beth kicking it off.

Next up was Samira very festive and jolly as always.

Cinders turn to unwrap something great and then have it taken away by a wicked person.

Well he had to be in there somewhere and please don't read his t-shirt as it is the worst one he has ever worn!
Phil was very happy to unwrap a candle set and was trying to offload it onto Jock.

My mum couldn't have asked for a worse gift for herself as it was a bag full of dog treats and those of us that know her know she is terrified of dogs. She told the whole room how she hates them, needless to say I didn't bother to steal it as I knew we would get it anyhow.

Like mother like daughter they love cheese!

Time to leave and head to their wee Casa on the beach and listen to the music next door.

As can be seen this lady was a whole lotta fun. She let me spray her with our fake snow!

Amazing how cuddly we get after a lot of wine eh!

Jd and Madame and that Paul again.

There they are again.
Phil getting up close and personal with Maureen!

It was everyone for themselves with the bar this day so even Forrest got behind and did a stint.

There is a story behind this picture and it stays in Pedro's and with the people in Pedro's.

What a coy look for our lovely Marie.

Diane and Bob Mooney from owners from Grand colony stopped by to say hi and found us in our secret hideaway.
The night is coming to a close but it was one hell of a good one

This picture says it all, a very happy and mello Paul that is my favourite drunk person on the island which isn't very often I might add but he is a love!

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Cindy the Conquerer said...

Taco Paul, can we sue for bad photos in San Pedro? if we can GO FOR IT! great piccie though!