Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cocktail parties are back!

Where have these nights been people are asking, well here we are again on our Sunday drinking fest! RCI owners are back a couple of exchanges and of course the familiar condo owners are around also, here we go! The lovely George and Dee Blair back to fish for two weeks straight, well 2 days on and 1 day off when Mr Ramon gets it right! Dee caught 6 one day I believe and George none that day so the competition is on. Hello to their son who follows this blog but couldn't make it down this time to join them, see you next year!

The lovely Francis who owns in the Manhattan Club and the penthouse suite no less!

The wonderful condo owner Bev MacDonald is back with us for 6 weeks, joined by her good friends from England who come all this way to drink my rum punch!

The Turners here on an RCI exchange and loving every minute.

This is looking very serious, they must be talking about Erik's pink Mansion!

No-one sitting around this week too busy chatting and helping each other with the quiz!

The new dock is coming along a treat and will be just perfect for destination weddings etc.

The best dive shop on the island without a shadow of a doubt, it may take forever at Banyan Bay but it gets done well.

The fossils arriving, shall we call security or just let them gate crash and entertain the group with their northern accents!
Rico's seafood cerviche

Do we have the best staff here or what and oh so cute.

Wow where did that hour go? Ok gang I know it was fun but time to go home now, enough already the rum punch is over and out!

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