Friday, January 16, 2009

Canada to Belize again!

Wow here we go again, this post is all about a great couple who came to San Pedro over a year ago whom I met and hung out with. I actually toured them on the RCI membership at Banyan Bay and must have done such a good job on the place that they decided to move here instead!
So here I am again at Maya air because they are doing a 25% cash discount at the moment which is definitely for January but may be extended so worth checking out.
Anyhow these two are bringing their dog Jasper with them so that poor four legged friend has just had an experience that he didn't like one bit.

I see a crate!
Yerhhh there is Michelle

A happy Mark

Many emails and phone calls have gone on between the 3 of us and here they are to live for a while, we are all happy campers.

Here is the not so happy camper

The guys at Maya were great and treated the crate with such care.

One thirsty, hot and a wee bit smelly dog, on the ground finally, welcome to the beach Jasper.

Cutting the ties
One very black dog!

A couple of bags
Tired but walked, fed and watered and with the people he loves!

Cheers we made it!
These guys are here for 6 months taking time out from Canada so there will be plenty of shots of them on this blog as they are good clean dog loving people!

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