Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here comes the rain!

Sunday morning was a million miles away from Saturday as it was a very grey start to the day. This doesn't stop the lovely wee Lilly who has been in the water most of the 2 weeks that they have been here. Ian her father and Bev Macdonald her grandmother look on as she is in and out the sea like a yo yo.Would she smile for the camera? No way but as soon as I put it away those teeth were bright!

Sunday morning is brunch as Rico's, hence the super efficient William is checking on everything to make sure we still have plenty.
Sunday lunchtimes we all head to the English BC's of the island which is barbecue at the new Catamaran bar up the beach from Banyan Bay towards town. Here is the lovely Christine chatting to my family who just got in half an hour ago. She woke up to ice in New Jersey and is having lunch here in the Caribbean. At least we will have our hair done again this week if the weather isn't great as she won't be bothered about getting in the sun. I have to say that every time she comes to the island it seems to rain quite a bit so we may have to re-think about allowing her in!
Jamilla came to hang out for a while with Jeff the guy with the amazing smile!
The bar is great for just hanging and for shelter from the rain which is about to be tested big time.

Ever hopeful of someone dropping something or in this case Beth feeding her!

Steve who does a great job on the food and cooking it, he cremates my burger every week upon my request I might add!
Ruth Verralles the resort managers wife and my very good friend, overseeing things!
Check out Steve's dog Cocoa, that's how we all feel after eating here as there is so much food.

Louis the ever friendly barman who makes fantastic cocktails.

Here we have Jeff again who was so in my face I thought I had to blog this horrible photo of him, I hope he checks this and sees this picture of himself and then maybe he will start to be nice!

Father and son, like you would never know! Good Peter and good Graham!

This picture is for Cindy in England right now who is missing her dog Molly like crazy, hey mom I miss you too!
Oh and here is her other half Paul whom she must miss also!

Molly thought she would take a chunk out of good Peter's nose, well he did offer it to her!
The 2 Paul's hanging out, one of them drinking soda water!

Oh I spot some people drinking Dirty Bananas!!!

They looked just too good so Ruth and I had to have one too! Good sales were then made on these as after tasting mine many more people wanted one!

Go on then said mother I will have one also, check them out cold in Belize would you believe!

Here is Grant's new dog Sasha, who was a tiny thing two weeks ago but is growing in leaps and bounds.
More cocktails!
Am I cute or what?
Check out those paws against Ruth's hands, like I said this is going to be one big dog so the others had better watch it!

The rain stopped so Forrest and my dad were heading out on his Hoby cat.

A few adjustments need to made for a safe sail

Good Peter a sailor himself and Molly looking on

Another shot for Cinders!

Ready to go

And there Off
It is a tough life in Belize as Forrest says regularly but someone has to do it and he does, very well! This is the life and why so many people come to the island just to chill and forget all your worries as life here in Belize is very relaxed with no schedule other than to have a good time, ttfn.

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