Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday night is Chicken Drop!

So what does one do in paradise on a Wednesday night you may ask? Here is the answer, for people who have never done it before Chicken Drop is a hoot and a must for the atmosphere that is created by the people that run it.
Tonight there were five of us on that poor Golf Buggie ( sorry Mr Cholo) so after distributing the weight we were all aboard and off to San Pedro town.
Finally I get a half decent photo of my mum as the camera never does her any favours or hasn't since she has been here! Dad however as smiley as ever.

Beth happy to be the captain of the ship!

Auntie D will soon be the colour of those silly pair on the back no doubt!

Another bad hair day in paradise so it gets swept back out the way, and yes I am perched on the front.
This was a very lucky night for the Chicken Drop as the normal guy was sick today so who could and would step in? They asked the one and only Jan who used to have Pier Lounge to lead the fun of the night, which she did with much gusto as can be seen in the pictures below.

Some very keen people to win the 100bz if the chicken poops on your number!

There she goes the wee Hannah

This lovely man helped with getting her back in the basket once her job was done

This is not the best view of the lucky lady that won however if you win with the poop you have to scoop it up ready for the next round in a few minutes.

Umm from that to dinner, anyhow we then went to eat next door at the fabulous Caliante's which is Spanish for hot! Not all their meals are spicy so don't let that put anyone off, here we have a mixture of dishes from coconut shrimp which was fine to a chicken burger bless my dad! A great location with great food after the fun of shouting after a chicken to try and make it poop.
For the animal lovers out there of which I am one, the chickens are well looked after by a friend of mine and this is their task for the week.

Well it was auntie D's first night and one has to have some sort of dessert so yes we stopped by DandE's to have some frozen custard and found out little Alex in there, ttfn.


Carbunkle Trumpet said...
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Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Looks like old times for Jan Brown to be leading the Chicken Drop, I always enjoyed it when she would tell the 'lucky' chicken dropper where they would have to blow!
Looks like your folks are having a wonderful time while all everyone is freezing and cold!