Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday night is Wet Willies night!

Friday night was a fundraiser at Wet Willies so we headed there to start the evening for a change.Mark and Michelle our new residents from Canada came along to see how we spend a good night out! Friends and alcohol are usually a good mix for that recipe.

The fossils came along too! Minus Auntie D of course who names them the fossils!

Eat your hearts our siblings I still have them for a few more weeks!

She was a very good singer and entertainer

Forrest flying around with raffle prizes and taking peoples five dollar entry fee, our A Lister Ruddy in the foreground always to be found at a do.

A good crowd of people starting to show, all on Belize time of course.

Vern Wilson starting off with a few raffle prizes

She kept on going and filled in all the gaps, trying hard to get people into the swing of the evening as it was a fundraiser for the Holy Cross school.

Our lot looking to be having an in-depth conversation.

This lady in the colourful jacket is a hoot, I can't remember her name but really like her!

The adorable Kayleen who manages the place with her husband Garrick.

Marilyn Marx another huge supporter of any event going on around the island and a whole lot of fun to boot.
Ah family bonding

Action shots of us bidding I do believe

Bless him Vern was trying to get blood out of a stone with some of these auctions and they were really good things to bid on.

Marilyn got a fabbo two nights at Blue Reef for four people so she was fairly happy.

You have to love this man even after he has had too many one barrels as he is just a gem and a happy chappy.
Time to dance

The rum has been flowing

Look at these two after nearly 50yrs and still going strong! ( he called have killed her and been out by now!) Just kidding they both have their moments but really are the greatest people or so I am told right now by all my friends! Laurie I have to tell you you were so right though as that apple did not fall far from that tree!

It was a great night with some cool auction stuff to walk away with, good luck to the Wilson's and all their fundraising as they do a great job for the school and the island cheers.

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