Friday, February 27, 2009

Cave and Zip - what a blast!

So what does one do on their day off in paradise? You make the most of where you live and appreciate it by doing the fun stuff that tourists do when they come to visit. This week was the chance to do the exhilarating cave tubing and zip lining with my cousin Kim and very good friend from Canada, Audrey. This was the start to our day waiting on the dock at Caribbean Villas where my cousin was staying.

Our captain for the day was Silvin from Seaduced along with leonard the co-pilot.

The mangroves were like a secret garden.

Silvin's eagle eyes spotted something in the grass, what was it you ask?

We got off the boat to have a local breakfast which was Jonny cakes and fresh fruit with juices, all very welcome after the early start. Then it's onto a mini bus to the jungle ready to zip from tree to tree like Jane of the jungle. Someone had to be red leader to head up the group and not being shy and having done it before I volunteered to go first. This was the one thing that cousin Kim said from the start that she wanted to do so I was thrilled that I got to spend the day with her and have so much fun.
This lovely lady came on her own as her friends weren't as adventurous as her so she joined our gang and had a blast.
We were joined by a camera crew so you never know we may appear on the big screen yet!

Here we all go zip zip zipping away

These two are loving it so much

Audrey coming down the last bit, you can't tell by the photos but this was a total thrill.

Happy camper
Happy campers!
Now time for some lunch, fantastic chicken, rice and beans.

This poster is so correct, it asks when was the last time you did something for the first time? Makes you think eh and realise that we don't do new things enough.

Now onto the cave tubing

This is where we came from and wow it was a fun visit with the caves and all that is in there.

You have to carry your tube into the cave and then once done back to base camp but it isn't heavy at all.
My turn to drive us home, I think not especially after crashing 6 cars in my history of years behind the wheel.
Tired but happy people, we still have them all so come on Silvin lets ditch a couple of on the way home at least!

Time for some rum punch, in San Pedro it's always time for some rum punch!

One very professional and knowledgeable boat captain, and sexy too!

Time to chill and take in the views, there is no hurry on any of these trips which is the case all over Belize to be honest. The saying no shirt, no shoes, no problem tells you that all over the place and is the way it is around here.

Checking out the wild life somewhere in there.

Hold onto your hats

Or tie your hair back

People even managed to sleep on this boat ride, I know cause I was one of them at some points.

We have been Seaduced

After a great day it was time to be taken out for dinner by auntie Pat as it was to be her treat for a great trip with us all. The food was delicious as always, Sunset Grill one of my favourite restaurants on the island.

Two lovely people who had a great trip and one I hope they want to repeat some time in the future, cheers auntie Pat and Kim it was fun having you ttfn.

Audrey's revenge!

For those of you that saw the last post early on and caught the picture of Audrey's backside I have been told that it is only fair to post this one. This was myself back at home after the sunset cruise and having a last panty ripper should be re-named trouser ripper! Audrey got me back by placing the said shredded trousers over my head so here we are, even for now!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A listers Sunset Cruise

After 3.5 weeks of hard slog setting up Lime it was for sure time to hang out with our friends and family on a sunset cruise. So here are Cinders and I about to have 2.5hrs of down time, we closed a wee bit early for staff training! Check out who is on out A list for sunset Cruise's! Sorry to those that couldn't make this one cause it was a hoot!

No cork screw but no matter we have Charlie!

My cousin Kim and good friend Audrey came to see the feast of great nibbles.

Ruth and Graham from Caribbean Villas came to see why we run on about these so much, they loved it and want to do one again straight away.

Jamilla came to take her mind off Jim travelling back to London, cheers Jim we love and miss you already, especially the treats in the mornings!

Everyone is a photographer or a blogger now thanks to Taco girl.

Forrest and Cherie catching up

Cinders enjoying the peace after an incredible couple of weeks right after her break to England.

Self portrait
Luce and looser!
This one is for Ronnie

My dad who has time for everyone, with young David.

The crew sexy as ever!

I know how sad, I even have lime toes right now, it has turned into my favourite colour, mine aren't as cute as Auds though.

Family bonding
and again
Always an A-lister Rudy, getting to know our Charlie.

Happy campers

Finally a good picture of these two together after nearly 3 months of trying to get one.

This picture says it all, after a great evening spent with wonderful people it is time to call it a night, bottoms up!
For those that didn't see the picture, Audrey had a small rip in her trousers and then Sharon turned it into a shredded pair of trousers. Audrey had on lovely undies!