Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas eve in Belize!

Well what do you buy your parents who have just about all they need, in England anyhow. They needed wheels and low and behold they now have some, happy Christmas mum and dad!
Off they go to blow up them tires and whizz around San Pedro.

What simple fun these kids are having with the most photographed tree on the island. I get into work and find the DeLorenzo's and the Mooney's from New York just finishing breakfast and hanging out with their families at Banyan Bay.

Fred and Bob and Linda watching the kids and keeping them in line with a whistle that when Fred blows you all jump to attention.

Mama Mooney as we fondly call her, this is the very glamorous Diane that just takes it all in her stride as she watches her beautiful family having fun.

This young man made it to the end and shows the others how it's done.

Fred DeLorenzo and Robert Mooney, two great friends and business partners that fell in love with San Pedro a couple of years ago, so much so that they bought second homes in Grand Colony so we will see them more and more each year!

A group shot of their children having the most fun in a peaceful environment with no worries to anyone bless them the little angels!

Happeeee Christmas from Eli and Olivier in Bottom Time dive shop at Banyan Bay.

I popped over to see Jim and Jamilla and loved their tree so a shout out to everyone from these guys.(he looks different without his wig!)

How Marie from Gecko graphics is still smiling especially with me as I was very late with my order and they were hoping to get away from work at 1pm on Christmas Eve! Thank you so much and what a stella job they do with very original presents as you will see tomorrow. She still hasn't been shopping for her Phil yet so I feel better about not being the only one, how did the 25th come around so quickly we were asking each other?

This lovely family decided today was the day to take a tour of our property at Banyan Bay and Grand Colony so they spent some time with the lovely Erik and how festive they were too.

Evening came around too quickly and it is time to eat again! Here we have some of the fantastic staff at Rico's bar and grill.

The menu tonight was as follows

Myself, Beth and my mum and dad enjoying the fresh air outside.

Manuel always happy to smile for the camera.

The food was great as always and the dessert very interesting, not cake but still ok!

Cindy and her mum popped by to have a glass of wine with us and say happy Christmas before we see each other again tomorrow.

Mum and dad were planning on going to Mass this evening so we figured the night had come to a close as some of us have a ton of presents still to wrap and cards to write ttfn Happy Christmas to you all from us here in paradise LOL.

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