Monday, December 15, 2008

Who's here this week?

Here we have the lovely Joreteg's back with us for the first time as our RCI owners, getting a refresher on how this thing actually works!

Not really a cocktail party this week as there were very few members or RCI people therefore we just caught up with who we had as the week went along. Here are father and son having a week of bonding without the rest of their families and loving every minute as can be seen.

Cinders joined them and was very intent on explaining the chicken drop in every detail.

Erik with the enigmatic smile catching up with his owners the Newsome's, again some very happy people being back here with us in Belize.

These two were actually staying in a two bedroom Grand Colony and thought that was the best until I showed them the 3 bedroom beachfront which they agreed was rather lovely too.
Admiring the view
Oh go on then lets take five and chat here for a while, there are worse places to be right now.

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