Sunday, December 14, 2008

Which famous star is in Grand Colony today?

Ok enough of the play on the recent Matt lauer excitement eh! I have to say though that we will more than likely be quoting that one for a long time to come. So how come we are hanging out yet again in total decadence you may ask? Mr desi Rosado a very close friend of mine will not be arriving until Monday 15th Dec therefore myself and a couple of good friends are filling the fridge with leftovers as promised for the use of the unit over the weekend.

My very good friend Dr Marilyn Marx, Mr Forrest Jones, Beth Hart and of course Cinders and myself hung out saturday then the lovely Cherie Vigna aka Cinders mum arrived all the way from not so sunny england on sunday to join us. I will bore you all with some sunrise pictures in a day or two but for now this is all you get!
It's Cindy's mum!

Hanging out with rather pickled friends!

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