Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas morning

This is the view from my parents balcony on Christmas morning as I rushed over there as soon as they got up. I had been up since 3.30am as had some wrapping still to do and was soooo excited to see if Santa had found me!

Come on mum and dad I know Santa left me some presents here as I have been soooo good this year! Check out her festive slippers bless her!

Christmas day outside and wearing sunglasses, would you ever!
Quick walk with Cinders on the beach to give the dogs a good start to the day. Yes lassie came to say hi before her new owners came to get her, she jumps a 6 foot high fence no less!

I had to get some eggs for super chef Beth so the dogs waited on the golf buggie for me.
Here she is and has been baking since first thing, our own cookie lady! The only time my oven gets used is when Beth is in the house.

Check them out, they were divine and just melted in your mouth.

Look who popped over to say happy Christmas and for once didn't even do the finger!

Cinders with a musical hat and a large bag of goodies for the kids at Banyan Bay and Grand colony.

I was supposed to wear one too but one muppet a day is quite enough you think? Check out those smiles, anyone would think we were happy bunnies today.

A champagne breakfast was to be had at our house thanks to Beth and Cindy's mum for bringing the bubbly from England in one piece.

Walter kept popping over as we had one of the very many turkeys in our oven, it got a lot of use today and needs a break now for a few weeks!

Christmas day and the 2 English mums are in the pool, that doesn't happen every year I bet!

Cinders taking 5 before we head over to Pedro's for a mad one no doubt.

Dad sussing out his camera, it was all very relaxed for a short time anyhow.

I guess apart from the cookies and a bloody great turkey in my oven this was a lot like a normal day. A shout out to the rest of our friends and families that follow this blog, I hope you all where ever you are and what ever you do this holiday are happy and healthy LOL us lot in Belize.

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dodgy said...

Wish you were here in Rotten !
Merry Christmas. Lots of Love... Paul the Third !!!