Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mum and dad have arrived!

Wow where did the time go as it seems on recently that my parents said ok we will come for Christmas this year and spend it with our number 3! Saturday came at me like a hurricane ( we can say that now the season is over for another year!) So there I am rushing around at 90 miles an hour all day Saturday getting their condo ready and making it Christmassy, thank you to Beth who joined in and was whizzed around on the golf cart at my speed bless her!
Luckily the plane was a wee bit late so we were there before them which makes a change for me as friends and family will agree with.
Another year older and seriously looking no different even if number 2 sister says they are shrinking I don't see it.
Welcome back to San Pedro Thomas and Maureen Boyd!
I recognise that man!
Bloody hell it's mother ready to take us all in hand!

Who does he think he is Matt Lauer or something he he.

A couple of hours later waving me goodnight after they are all settled in around the corner from me on the beach, near enough to pop over for a cup pf tea but far enough away from the dogs!

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