Monday, December 8, 2008

From Belize to Colorado

This post is once again for dog lovers but to be honest it should be heart warming to anyone out there who has one!

This potlicker of a mutt had been hanging around the beaches near Banyan Bay for a couple of weeks when it tactically started to hang around the absolute dog loving Vandies! We were at the beach bar up from Banyan Bay called the Catamaran the Wednesday before Thanksgiving where it all started for the luckiest dog in San Pedro.

Once Lori Vandervelde decided that this dog was meant to be with them there was no stopping her. So it was off to Pampered Paws for a full body makeover and then onto the humane society Saga for her shots and check up from the new vet.

Check out those smiles now that she is one clean and fluffy young lady and doing really well for a first time on a golf buggie as far as we know.

Check out that endearing crooked ear that just cracks you up and adds so much character to her.
After a very busy day all around it was time for a well deserved cocktail at the Squirrels Nest to celebrate a job well done.
I deserve one too as I am now dog sitting for number 3 again for a few days until they leave for the States.
Lori kept popping into my house to check on her new family member and get to know her.
.It was love at first sight for the pair of them as can be seen by the many photos.

She is a cheeky one and ready to play the whole time, still a pup according to the vet so Lori will have her hands full.
Lori was practicing her dog whisperer ways which I sure wish would work on my two!

Her coat is very scrappy but I am sure we will see a huge improvement over the coming months with lots of TLC.
This was the morning of the big adventure she had ahead of her and time to say goodbye to number 3 dog in our household once again.

As can be seen she took a fancy to the rug in Beth's room and hid in there nice and quietly away from the other two.
Now young lady you are going from the beaches and sun of San Pedro to the mountains and snow in Colorado, time to wrap up somewhat.
She really isn't too sure about keeping this item on but Lori was on hand to try and persuade her it was a good idea.
Lori and Dave Vandervelde very happy to be taking home a permanent reminder of their beloved Belize, after many years visiting the island this is the first time they have done this.

Cheers as I would say and yes I had a glass on the go also as it was to be one happy ending to life as a potlicker for this one!

Ok she says I will wear this but just for you and cause it says San Pedro on it!

Enough of the pictures already, I know I'm cute especially with my funky ear!!

At tropic air waiting to see how many seats these guys have to pay for as this young lady's crate is rather large. Good old Tropic only charged for one seat and not three as the plane wasn't full.
Happily she trots over the tarmac towards the wee puddle jumper, no idea just yet of what is ahead of her.

Not too keen to go up the steps but trusting her new owner and best friend to be.

She's in and licking away at her iced water, check out her name Izebel which for those clever clogs out there you will see that it is Belize mixed up!

All good to go dogs, people are all in their seats and fastened up to go, bye bye little Izebel and the wonderful Vande's.

The poor four legged little one has no idea of the day ahead but once past that she will have the best life she could ever want with people that will love her to bits.

They have lift off!

Above is one very happy Tropic Air worker who is thrilled to see that there will be one less dog on the beaches of San Pedro, he still has mine to contend with though!

I was very happy to see that they all got away from San Pedro and are about to embark on the journey home to Colorado. I am hoping that the Vandes keep us posted on Izebel's wellbeing and how she adjusts to life with many different animals around her such as donkeys and horses and goats to name but a few.
Now having being through this process this past week and seeing just how easy it is be it a bit of a cost I hope she takes one home every year! Maybe next time she will take me and mine along for the ride, ttfn.

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