Monday, December 1, 2008

Three dogs is crazy!!!!

I have been dog sitting for some friends for the past 5 days a wee crazy thing called Wasu and to be honest we have had a lot of fun but wow 3 is a lot more work.

Here they are first thing in the morning all excited about going out for a walk.

Leads are on and we are ready to head to the beach, bearing in mind it is about 6.30am!

It is like having a husky team pulling you along which is great as it takes me a while to wake up.

This is the view as I head them onto the sand. Not a bad sight to start the day.

We reach the beach and they are off.

Once on the beach they are all off in their own directions and doing their own thing.

This made me smile, a fan on the beach on a windy day to keep our local character Spanish cool.

We regularly see Hatari and Jimjam out having their walk and stop to say hi, well the dogs have to sniff but Jim and I chat.
On the way back they have to pop into Grand Colony and see who is about to give them a pet.

This dog is just too much but oh so cute, 3 was crazy for long term but a few days it added to the mix for sure.
Like I said they have to see what iguanas are about to chase and Grand Colony usually has one or two in the area about to be phase two.

This is around the area I try to get them back on a lead but if Lisbon is ahead of me I stand no chance and have to trick her further ahead.
No chance today Lisbon is the leader of the pack and off!

Well 2 out of 3 isn't too bad I guess, as least I have the visiting dog which is the main thing.

Jackie thinks she can hide behind the tree, with a behind that size there is no way!

I started out with 3 and low and behold on the way home with 3 what a result.

This is how I left the 3 of them as I headed out to work, it is a tough life being a dog and no-one tell you any different.

Ok she is a princess and yes she gets to sleep on the bed, the sofa is out of bounds but the bed no.
Three tired and cosy dogs until later when they will be full of energy all over again.

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