Monday, December 15, 2008

Who does it better?

We often get asked what do you guys do for entertainment whilst living here in paradise? Ummm well as you can see by the following photographs we have to make our own fun and that we do, sometimes it is very funny.
As those faithful followers out there know Tuesday is Pedro's pizza night on a weekly basis and this week was no exception.
Here we have our good friends Marilyn and Bern hanging out with Pedro, check out the next shot and see what colour her hair is normally!

Now it is Jd's turn to have a new look, not so sure about this one boss! I think your wife needs to polish her hairdressing skills and sharpen those scissors.

That's much better you crazy Scot, now it's my turn to be a brunette for a minute or two.

Here is my normal hairdresser who was shocked for a split second and did a double take.

Ok pass the wig on you have had your turn young lady!

Wow Mr JimJam as you have never seen him before! Looking rather fetching I think.

Jamilla still loves him no matter how daft he looks!

Jamilla's turn now who looks good with any hair style, long or short red or brown.
Our very own Forrest who is normally very blond and short and under a hat to be honest, another rare look for sure.

One has to apologise for this unsavoury character as he does that naughty hand signal again!

Walter, Pedro's right hand man who has a full head of hair himself but wanted to see how it would be straight unlike his dreads. A great contrast with beth's very blonde hair.

Am I cute or what?
This man has the longest and most amount of dreads ever seen on one head!

This is no wig but Alexandra's real hair and the glamorous blonde lady is maureen aka madame by JD his wife of over 25yrs! This he explains is why so many empty bottles, cheeky devil!

One tired and worn out wig which has done the rounds tonight on many different shapes and sizes of heads.
Like I said we make our own entertainment and tonight was no exception as there was a lot of laughter due to just a wig. All harmless fun and something to blog about ttfn!


tacogirl said...

Those pics are hilarious.

Boydies Belize Blog said...

It was a fun night for sure, I love that wig and am pretty certain it will make a few appearances!