Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where do the stars stay in Belize?

Grand colony of course! As many people know the Today show was recently filmed from Belize and for a few days we had some of them here in San Pedro and staying at the most luxurious accommodation on the island.
They flew directly onto the property via helicopter and out again the same way causing a stir to the island as we all know helicopters mean celebrities or a medical emergency!

We have the 3 bedroom beachfront units sleeping 6 people comfortably and situated directly in front of the Caribbean sea.

Or the 2 bedroom poolside units which actually all have a sea view though considered pool view, not a bad spot to be in either!

With at least 1500 feet -2500 for the 3 beds there is enough space to chill inside and out as can be seen in the following photos.

Well I am sorry to be a tease and as you can see this is not Matt Lauer but who is it?

Still being shy for the camera but all is about to be revealed!
It is our very own celebrities Cindy aka IT girl and Sharon aka Boydie!

Time to see Cinders in that daft wig.
For someone who already has long brunette hair she does look very different with this style.

Check out that adorable smile after about 2 glasses of wine only, time to cut her off for sure.

Diane Hughes and Cindy sharing a glass of vino, one angel and one devil, quote Mr Hughes.

This was Cindy being arty and deciding that the camera needed to get in on the act and was smiling at her! No more wine for her tonight!

This is Larry Hughes possibly as no-one has seen him before, not one to miss out on the fun and show his many different sides, I wonder if Diane knows about the dress up in him!
His very good friend Bud Coles also a bit of a tinker but a lot of fun also, these guys have been here for 4 weeks nearly and I think the sun has gotten to them.

His lovely wife Bonnie also wanted to be a brunette for a minute.
Larry checking out that all was going well in the kitchen as we had been invited over for dinner not to just drink and be silly. Under his supervision all was going very well, what is that saying about too many cooks, now bugger off Lar! (not sure if allowed to say that may get told off from the Blogger team!)
All looks to be going well and we have happy chefs in this kitchen tonight, 3 glamorous and lovely ladies for sure. Back to it as the night is ticking away and we need to soak up some of the wine before the wig comes out again!
What are the men doing whilst the women cook, Cindy and I drink and the men? watching a game of course on that monster of a screen.

Dinner is served and what a feast it was, with fish cooked in many different styles and a very good rice and beans and fantastic homemade coleslaw. Yum I love my job, not only do I get to hang out where the stars stay I get to hang with some really good people also, and get fed too.

It's the ladies turn to chill while the men do the clearing up!

Quick capture the moment before all the mod cons do it for them!

Thank goodness for dishwashers eh, or they would have been there all night clearing up. I never mentioned that housekeeping would do it for them it was too much fun watching.

Another great evening which of course involved alcohol and food but also a lot of giggles and funny stories shared. It was great to see these guys and have them here for so long and I know next year will come again pretty quickly. Until then they will have to get their Belize fix via this blog!
Cindy actually gave me these horns for when I have the devil in me which happens quite a lot and after tonight I get to wear them for a few days until someone else is deemed worthy of them!


Kathy said...

Looks like you had a great evening!
Glad to see Cindy has recovered from the food poisoning episode.

Dan and Kathy

tacogirl said...

too funny