Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in San Pedro

Ok now being Brits what do we know about this day but if there is food involved we are in as you will see from the following pictures. I am sorry that this is late in the posting however I hope everyone out there had a good one.

Cindy my date for the evening and the lovely Belky who happily takes your money after a great meal in Rico's.
This picture was really to show the dog hoping for some dropped food from the Hughes and Cole's table, bless it.
What a crowd the staff at Rico's had to deal with, over 100 people came to tuck into a feast prepared from our award winning chef Luis.
Two very hungry Brits put way out in the naughty corner away from the respectable people.

Bless this wee one, she just took time out and sat by a lovely couple that gave her some turkey.
Here he is Carlo the restaurant supervisor who deserves a huge pat on the back for making this such a special night and still smiling after a day of preparation with food and lights.

Here is the very cheeky William back with us after a short stint elsewhere on the island.

Here is the lovely Luis whom was hijacked from Caramba's and now an asset to our team.
The lovely Belky keeping us in wine throughout the evening, always there with a smile.
Another Rico's favourite the adorable Domingo (Cindy calls him Mr Sunday). That would be because that is Sunday in Spanish as I have been told.
Now to make your mouth water, we had for starter Caprese salad with Italian calamari vinaigrette, which from one who doesn't like calamari it was good.

Or conch chowder with dumplings

Then there was a feast of grilled snook medallion with meuniere sauce, or roasted turkey with rosemary gravy and baked ham with cranberry glaze and traditional bread stuffing. Or grilled lobster Provencal prepared with garlic, parmesan cheese and parsley. Does that make your mouth water or what?
Then to top that tremendous meal off and tickle your taste buds was a Pumpkin Heaven dessert which was rather nice, not cake of course but ok still the same.

We were actually the last table to be served as we got there for their last sitting so the gang were clearing up around us, it was about 10pm by then so time to turf us out.

We were forced to try the cocktail of the evening, Banana Punch, which Jaime concocted and it was very smooth and tasted of fruit with no hint of the whiskey that was inside it.

One tired chef, happy that the evening went so well.

Here he is the man that doesn't drink but makes some of the best cocktails you have ever tasted.

Here she is doing the last of the bills for the busiest night in a while, they all deserve one of those fruit smoothies!

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