Sunday, March 1, 2009

All good things must come to an end!

They come they go and we have to send them off each and every time with a hearty breakfast or lunch. Over the past couple of days I have said goodbye to friends and family so I have grouped them together for this blog. My auntie Pat and Kim hadn't been to Blue Water Grill on this trip so we went there first thing Friday morning and it was as good as ever, dad particularly liked their French toast.Sisters sad to be saying goodbye to each other as they have no immediate plans to meet up again anytime soon.
Myself and my cousin who promises to be back and she is only a plane ride away for me to go and say hello to.
Time to get in some shots of Audrey and myself as we have been slack this week and her new man Byron needs to see pictures of this place so that he will want to join her on the next visit.

Close up shots thanks to father Boydie.

Here I am at the airport seeing people getting on a plane again and going no-where myself. My mother pointed out it was like always being a bridesmaid and never a bride which I thought a bit harsh. Especially as I have only been one twice!

Bye bye family, till the next time.

Here we are the next day at Lime so that Audrey can actually have some solids in her tummy. She has a wheat intolerance so barely eats when at mine cause the cheese we always buy gets eaten by the dogs, they put on weight and she loses it while she is here. She leaves me with half a gallon of panty ripper already made up in the fridge which I will drink in her honour.

We met four years ago via working at Banyan Bay and am now lifelong friends as we have been through a lot in that time together. I will get to Canada possibly next year as for sure it is my turn to go and see her.

The two Sharon's behind the bar in Lime, hence I have to be called Shaz when we are both working as it was getting way too confusing. We just need the other Cindy from Island Perk then it will be totally funny the two Canadians and the two Brits.

Lunch at BWG to see off the Vande's.

I asked the superstars that they are to take off the glasses as they are both cute with lovely eyes.
Parents came too to get to know some of my favourite people.

All smiles again

Time for Audrey to leave us and have that long trip back as an overnight in Miami is on her route.
Vande loves to hug
Possibly the best Key Lime pie on the island, we must get their recipe

Another new friend was leaving from Lime

Parents will be leaving on Monday so they are happy to have seen and met some great people but I know they are ready to head back home to the rest of our family. I will soon be Billy no mates and desperate for more visitors so start to email me people!

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