Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lime's fish and chip night and JD's birthday bash!

Here is the lovely Cassidy getting ready for the busy night ahead. We decided to combine the launch of our what is to be regular fish and chip night (french fries to some of you) with JD's surprise birthday bash! So here you can see for yourselves how the night went! Check out the balloons and the shrek poster as that was the theme of the night.

Betty and Cookie, two lovely ladies that we have been hanging out with for a couple of years came kitted out with their parrot hats for the fun night ahead.

The lovely Gwen, new to our humane society group and looking very glam with make-up and a skirt, JD should feel privileged!

My new partner in Crime seeing as Cinders is having a leave of absence, Tracey and I have started the Lime challenge which will be blogged about in a couple of days but for now take this as out before photo!

Not to be outdone, I had my hat ready and waiting behind the bar.

They do not need alcohol to be a load of fun but these two are game for anything and great to have at a party.

Cassidy is happy she assures me she just goes for the sultry look in photo's.

I have no idea what Paul and Robbie were doing but they are having a whole lorra fun doing it!

My lovely friend Helda who is going to join the Lime challenge and says she will win the biggest loser is the biggest winner award of 1000bz vouchers for Moondancer!

Are they just the cutest newest couple in San Pedro or what? I get a babysit for the lovely Isobella now on the odd night so that works for me.

Something tickled Marie's fancy and Phil was no-where to be found!

Ooh here he is tickling taco boy aka Paul

A buzzing bar waiting for the guest of honour now that a lot of them have eaten they remember the other reason for the night out.

Here she is our little princess

Another lovely couple Dana and Grant not new but still in love after many years bless.

If you were hungry before you saw this you will be even more so now and it was absolutely fantastic said all of our guests which a lot were British so they should know!

Everyone tucking in

Here he is the guest of honour finally after his first party of the day up at Reef Village!

I think he may of had one or two already

His lovely wife and our cook of English specials Maureen Dalgarno aka Madame looking very blonde and breezy this evening.

This seemed to be the British corner and they were all very happy after some good old British food! Well we are not known to be the best cooks in the world but what beats fish and chips and malt vinegar?
This was JD's first cake of the evening and there was plenty of that one left before we even got ours out!
Here we go with our Shrek cake which was the theme of the evening thanks to Marie of Ghecko Graphics who outdid herself this time with not only great posters but badges too, cheers buddy.

I always have enough hot air to help out, I should be a great dive buddy one day eh!

Ut oh wifey to the left of the picture doesn't look too happy at this point, night night Maureen!

JD's partner in crime aka Pedro has to come to Lime now and again to find his playmate now.

The girls from Reef Village came to add some glamour to the evening.

Jock always a happy boy when surrounded by beautiful women and beer!

Not Paul's turn to be worse for wear, this was the end of a great night with good food, drinks and people. Happy Birthday John Dalgarno aka JD please make sure you are around for many more to come as we love you and paid a fortune for the posters! Cheers and ttfn from the Limey's!

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