Friday, March 6, 2009

Mum and dad have left San Pedro

It was a sad day but one that was always coming and here it is, upon us already and a truly sad one. After nearly 3 months spent escaping the winter of not so sunny England the day has arrived that my mum and dad have to head back to the UK via a couple of days in Mexico. They come via that route as it is much cheaper especially for a longer than normal stay and of course being my parents it was everything but normal!
I have to say a huge thank you to the people that looked after them in their condo especially as I got most of the deposit back which is always a result and it was cleaner than when my parents moved in with everything now fixed ( they should owe me money).
Location as we all know is key to everything in life and they were extremely happy with the view, now the live music every night next door is another story and one we will laugh about in the future especially the Christmas song sang by a very fit and large Jamaican man.

I know that signature new colour of mine, hey at least I finally got away from black.

Friends again after a rocky few moments.

What a view to wake up to every day, total paradise for sure.

It wouldn't be a leaving post without breakfast at Blue Water Grill, I should have shares in this place of late or at least a huge discount for all the blogs it gets! Mum stating that the holiday is over had a healthy breakfast of cereal, dad pancakes and me well I was so hungry there wasn't time to take a picture of mine as it was gone in a flash.

This is too ironic as now that they are leaving I get a nice picture of the two of them with no trouble whatsoever!
Apple, tree eh Laurie!

Hold them back now people no tears just yet, who is the taking the picture you ask-ummm!

One of my BFF's, my newest one and generally my AM girlie but she sneaked in some extra time this morning.
Get the tissues ready, you lot not me!

Sniff sniff

Here we go once a Geordie always a Geordie and never ones to not be sociable they couldn't even get on a plane without being chatty Charlie's. Helping people with where they were going and what they were doing, it's that northern blood in them and all of us that takes over.

Mum and dad it was overall a slice of heaven having you here, the dogs and I will miss you tons especially at 4pm when they were used to being taken for a walk. I now know after a short space of time how much support these two people must be to my two sisters who have children which I believe to be a bit more work than dogs. You can't get drunk and leave kids outside all night without a lot of trouble I know that for sure.
Anyhow Beverly and Gillian you will have them home soon as I know they miss their grandchildren loads. I will see you all in September so until then cheers and TTFN.


Rachel Hoke said...

Oh honey even I had a few sniffs over that one. So bummed out not to meet the parents so we'll just have to go to England and do it properly there!

Meanwhile reserve that condo for the kids and me for my sabbatical next summer!! Not kidding! That would be 2010 however...

rump shaker said...

oh i miss all you gals-i had every intention of stopping by before i got on the plane but i was literally in tears,and did not want you to have to deal with another blubbering person lamenting the end of their trip