Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday JD round two!

As I promised earlier here are the pictures of JD's birthday revisited, above we have the lovely Betty and Cookie here for two their annual two weeks.

They fell in love with these two local boys and why wouldn't you as not only are they adorable but they are cheeky little monkeys to boot.

Mother and daughter doing a sexy pose and mad at me for not having a picture of them from Wednesday night so here we are trying to make up for it.

Being sensible ready for the night ahead of maybe a drink or two we had the special of the day which was chicken fried rice and not strictly on the Lime diet but what the heck it is Friday!

Here we go all decked out yet again! We actually kept the party stuff on from Wednesday as a certain someone didn't see any of it!

Someone has to work while the rest of us do the silly stuff and Monica aka Tracey was being that person.
He he
Good to see these guys in here, the poor man in the middle had a monster of a hangover the next day and came in for Lime and chicken soup to help with the recovery.

Cheers to JD the odd shot or two were drunk in his honour but I made them pace themselves this time.

Robbie is on a mission to sell the most Grand National tickets and never even gave me a chance to ask this lot before he was straight in there.

It must be 8pm and time to draw the 50/50

Who has number 67? It was Amanda who promptly gave the winnings back so 200bz goes into the Friends Of The Humane Society account this week towards our project of building an isolation unit for the clinic. We are nearly at $10,000.00bz so only another $190,000.00 to go!

Now for my favourite part of the evening time for some cake!

Yummy, it was good

Those naughty green shot glasses made another appearance, even though Phil hates them he makes himself suffer for the cause.

Phil and Marie's dog Ella whom we love to pieces, how can you say no to a face like that? I didn't so she was given some chicken and now is my best friend.

What is going on here I hear you ask? Well this shot cost me 50bz to the humane society as I said the shirt that Beth bought JD would never fit him so look for yourselves to see if it did.

Not sure about the scarf but the shirt does look good and fits fine so well done Beth another successful shop!

Cheers to one and all, another great Friday in Lime and a great birthday had by JD, now who is next!

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Rachel Hoke said...

Oh My GOODNESS my dear Shaz darling... where do I begin? First and foremost...much to my chagrin you are looking pretty damn AMAZING my girl so this Lime diet or whatever I must have and you can tell me the secret after I leave with an extra 5 pounds on my ass from Belizean fun! Next I certainly hope that WE... as in the HOKE family get the credit for the Shrek poster as I do believe that we were the ones who correctly figured out that our dear JD was actually the original role model for Shrek The Movie!! HAHAHA! LOVE the photos and so proud of everything that you are doing for the dogs and cats. Remind me to tell you about the bday party Jen went to today (gifts were asked for our local shelter in lieu of the birthday girl and taken to the animals by the girlies during the party) and she wants to do the same for her bday. 39 days and counting... I am certain I can lose 20 pounds by then...