Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's day & Lime's big launch

Here we go getting ready for St Patrick's day and giving our new work place a face lift! Some of us that have to face these walls each and every day chose a much more subtle colour but we bowed to those with an eye and well what can we say now that is it complete? I know we won't be wearing those t-shirts very often as we will be lost against the walls!

This fellow has moved and needs a name so any ideas are very welcome.

Sharon as in the Canadian one leant against a wet wall as you can see, we were having our own carnival in Lime eh!
That would be the British right now and not the Belizien one!

The place was upside down for a day or two and Tracey hated it as she is very orderly, how we are all going to work together I don't know, fingers crossed for all those that work here!

Cinders was getting hidden by plants but we could still see her, just well we could hear her more like!

Getting there and growing on you like a jungle, like our cheeky sign.

Charlie, we are all of course his angels, well he don't care gettin down and dirty and havin a look at things so here he is after 4 experts couldn't sort the fryer out Charlie did!

Had to get one of our cute bar person Cassidy which for some unknown reason I keep calling Cassey, there will be a frontal shot of her later today in her St Patrick's day outfit!

Some of our very good friends who have supported us along the way so far and will be for sure there later on tonight to have a wee drink or two. Time to toast the launch of the new spot in town, LIMEY'S bar and grill and THE Lime tour center number 1 and 2 Coconut Drive!

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