Monday, March 9, 2009

TGIF in Lime's Bar and Grill

It started out like a regular Friday night with a few of our friends stopping by to say hello. Then Charlie and his friends came in with all their fish from the other day and wanted to cook it for anyone and everyone in the bar! Well word must have gotten out cause before we knew it we were a hopping place with the atmosphere to match.
Now since Cinders was over the way in Pedro's and I haven't spent that much time learning cocktails yet as I have been concentrating on the tours that we have on offer. I was a bit limited as to what I could make people so the drink of the evening which was very popular as my measures are a wee bit generous was Panty Rippers and let me tell you I made them rip!

Behind this male bonding photo you will see that we now stock the Rainforest's Rum cakes which are divine and make great presents to take home to friends and family. Lots of ways to eat them but one of our favourites is to heat them up and drizzle ice cream over them-ummm the coconut one with D and E's coconut ice-cream, which we stock now is a good way to start!

This man just popped behind to pose for the camera. some more of Charlie's friends.

The lovely Forrest
This is when it really took off when the Lee's friends from Chicago stopped by to say hi and then the night really took off!

Love this man so much, don't get excited mum he has a partner and I am for sure not his type.

They donated 50bz to foths/saga

This lovely group brought down the trinkets for us to sell for St Patrick's day and our fundraising so a huge thank you from the four legged furry ones, and Forrest of course for arranging it all.

From Lime it was onto Pedro's to draw the weekly 50/50 as some of the people that enter it were in there and of course the resident vet who is the person we ask to draw it each week.

Number 32 was the winning one this week which was our Scottish Robbie who promptly bought a round of Yeagar's!
It was a great Friday night with fun and laughter and some money raised so all in all a good result, cheers and ttfn.

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