Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet Basil's Keg Party!

This beautiful family as in Tyler, Jewels and Legend hosted a fantastic fundraiser for the humane society of Saturday and helped up raise over $1100 bz and also to have a great day.

Umm what's cooking you may ask, well trust me these kebobs were very good even though the colour was a bit green!

This is their fantastic barman James who kept the drinks flowing, sold raffle tickets and trinkets and kept smiling all night long, cheers buddy you are one of the best!

Are they the most photogenic family or what?

Where there is beer at 30bz for all you can drink there is BATSUB, who did us proud. I had to edit some of the photos for the blue blog we keep on talking about as for some strange reason when the Brits get drunk they get naked!

My two new BFF's who support everything we do for the humane society and can always be counted on, Mark and Michelle, cheers buddies.

We could be sisters eh! We are modeling the latest shirts that were donated to us, nice colour you think! We will be selling them in the near future for all those animal lovers out there.

Super sexy Jennifer who is 100% Irish as her shirt states.

A huge thank you to all that came, had fun and raised money for the animals of San Pedro. The next fundraiser is at Lime on St Paddy's day all day with Irish stew and silly things going on at night. Sorry for the lack of blogging but the making of Lime has been very consuming but I promise to make it up very soon with many posts to come. Happy Monday and here's to a great week ttfn.

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