Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday nights and the 50/50

There go those naughty green shot glasses again which I thought were to be put away till next St paddy's day! Not when JD is around I guess, anyhow this crowd popped in to see Cassidy on Friday night and hung out for a while.

Some cheeky boys from the island that I have passed many times but not had the chance to chat until now.
Tropic air pilots made it their stop after a busy week flying those puddle jumpers.

Well you have to let a couple of Canadians in eh? Michelle and Mark still smiling and plotting Coconut Drive!

Assir from that place of work JD and I used to be at came to see what he had been hearing about and had a couple of shots with the big man!

Someone must have put Abba on the stereo as I can't imagine why we would be dancing otherwise, got to love that satellite radio station.

The 50/50 didn't get pulled until the next morning but for those of you out there that read the blog it will be drawn in Lime on a Friday night at 8pm as it is a nightmare trying to get out before then and get to Pedro's even though we crave pizza. Here we have the lovely Gwen a new member to the humane society and Flynt the owner of Lime doing the draw.
As you can see the winner this week was the lovely Isobel who won 80bz , so please stop by Lime and get your 5bz in for next week as you have to be in it to win it, ttfn.

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