Monday, March 2, 2009

Early risers

People ask why I get up so early and what do I do, well this is my two hounds first thing this morning at about 3am after I open the gate and let them roam outside. Within minutes they are both sat on the golf buggie waiting to go for a walk, HELLO it's 3.30 in the bloody morning. They can wait till a respectable hour or at least till it gets light bless them!

Good plug for Cholo's golf carts eh!

I have to say that they really are the best dogs and the saying about mans best friend is oh so true, ttfn my good followers have a great day from all of us here in San Pedro, Belize.

1 comment:

bean819 said...

oh my , i really miss those girls of yours, especially when i see the pictures. I have some very special memories!! lol