Sunday, March 22, 2009

The morning after the night before!

It has taken us a few days to recover from St Patrick's day and to feel semi-normal again and have the energy and inclination to post so here are a couple of shots of Wednesday morning the 18th March! Poor Charlie our very good friend is now totally knackered from hanging around with his angels and has declared himself a no party zone for at least a week, we haven't seen him since this picture was taken.

Tracey trying to get together with one of Sharon's fantastic smootie as she calls them, it was full of cranberries but even that did very little.

I look like I am in the jungle and probably wish I was.

Karen our cook was totally beat also and couldn't believe that she had to drag herself in and cook for people!

This was for sure the best hangover cure of all, after Sharon's fabbo smootie she made us her Irish chips for lunch with that secret sauce and boy did we feel better after some of those. So good in fact that the party started all over on Friday but that is another post to come, ttfn.

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