Monday, March 30, 2009

Here's to another week in paradise

I just had to blog this photo and can't remember where I stole it from me but make no apologies as it captures a moment completely.

This is Cherie and Cindy Vigna, mother and daughter having a perfect moment on a recent sunset cruise which was full of friends and family.

This photo to me shows what it is all about and for that moment it was all smiles and everything was good.
Life has it's ups and downs as we all know and I use the saying that things make you stronger and the situations we all deal with day to day are all about how we handle them. Well with the great people we have in our lives and the support they offer we all get through it in the end. Many times there are tears, lost sleep and things seem impossible but as we all know nothing is.

Cherie's trip is nearing an end and as always she will be missed by many people especially Cinders. We all have many visitors here in San Pedro that keep us going and in teabags so please all know you are very welcome anytime as it always puts a smile on our faces. Plus it gives me something new to blog other than drinking and eating in Lime, cheers to one and all and have a great week.

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Agathe said...

Hi Cindy

As I was wondering about what happened to you and Cherie, I browsed the internet and saw the picture of both of you enjoying yourselves, by the look of things! So, where are you globe-trotting nowadays?? Are you still in France or back in the UK? It would be very nice to catch-up! My email address is Alors à bientôt!