Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beautiful days in Belize!

I know people think that those of us lucky enough to live here in paradise have it easy but believe me we have the same problems as everyone else, just in the sun.
I am blessed that I can start each day off on the right foot with a beautiful walk along our beaches with my trusted buddies that never argue back at me and just want to eat, play and have fun! Sounds like a great plan for a happy life eh but us humans have to throw a few problems into the mix along the way.

For those that follow this blog and know my buddies Jackie and Lisbon this shot captures them in the mornings pouncing and playing with each other, winding each other up then everything is cool and back to normal. I think we as humans should watch animals and go back to the basics of the simple things in life and keep it much calmer. (photos thanks to my friend michell Scott)

This is a great shot of the beautiful Canadian Cindy of Island perk taken at a recent fundraiser in Central Park. It was a cake stall (another one of my favourite things) for the San Pedro Humane Society of which we are all very passionate about. She was wearing the cat bed that was donated by Sew What which was raffled off and made lots of money, the picture captures the feelings of the night even in the rain we were all doing something constructive together and having fun!

I absolutely love this shot as it is a crowd of some of my closest friends here on the island being themselves but again having fun at the same time. The lady at the front right is our resident vet laurie Droke who we are blessed to have here in San Pedro.
As can be seen modeled by Beth with her Friends Of The Humane Society T-shirt we have set up an unbelievable group of volunteers that want to help both physically and financially to greatly improve the facilities for our animals here in San Pedro Belize.
We have plans for events monthly throughout the year and welcome any help that can be given and ideas too. Our email address is fothsbelize@gmail.com and if you would like to be on the mailing list then let me know asap and you will receive regular emails and updates from this group. Along with Saga Humane Society we are helping our pets one step at a time, thank you in advance for anything you can do however large or small it all counts and the wee furry ones here in San Pedro are very grateful to you, cheers and TTFN.

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