Thursday, March 19, 2009

The St Paddy's day party in San Pedro!

This post is starting off backwards as this shot just shows you what a great day it was and what fun people we have working at Lime tour center and Lime bar and grill!

What can I say about Tuesday except it all started off on the right foot with a sensible breakfast of stuffed fry jacks with ham and cheese to line the stomach.

A few balloons were needed and thanks to Diane from quick silver in getting those for me to highlight the party ahead.

These pair were kitted out for the day and are so photogenic we need them in here for all future events. her necklace flashed like a Christmas tree and she for sure added sparkle to the place.

Another good person who had a flashing Yager necklace, where do people get this fab stuff?

Their turn to be on the other side of the camera for once and why not as they are all so super cute and so much fun to be around.

Having never eaten here before lunch was on us, well they might write nice things about us and the food so a bit of bribery is ok right?

They were being taught how to do Irish dancing from the expert, this lovely man called Tommy bought the first raffle ticket of the day for the humane society and won it! The next day when we told him of this he promptly gave it back again to re-raffle which was super lovely of him therefore there is still a green Ipod amongst lots of other goodies to be won for a 10bz ticket!

Here we have one of Canadian Sharon's Slime punch which was super cool but beware as it is a naughty little number that catches you out when you least expect it, believe me I had the mother of headaches the next day to prove it.

Ok maybe it was Cindy's melon jello shots that helped with the sore head as they were also very naughty!

These girls are so cute that they should never be behind the camera but in all of the pictures!

Ok these girls are pretty cute also and make up the great team of ladies working at Lime right now both in the tour center and bar and grill.

This was one of the few things that didn't have alcohol in it and was green pineapple to go with the cheese for tonight's do.

Cherie Vigna popped in with Molly to see what we were all up to and chill out and cool down for a minute in peace and quiet, why she came to Lime for that who knows!

The cook of the Irish stew which went down very well indeed, she made enough for us to serve about 25 people. Maureen Dalgarno or Madame to people that know her makes our English specials once a week which we serve on a Wednesday. So far we have had cottage pie, steak and ale pie, chicken and mushroom pie and curry-not so English, any requests that can be met are welcome.

This was Seamus and his lovely wife which hung out with us a couple of times, it was great to meet you, please stay in touch via the blog on

The evening kicked off just after 5pm and once it started it never let up till about 12pm. The adverts and flyer's which were so cool thanks to Ghecko graphics stated open from breakfast till 9pm, little did Marie know what party animals we were all to become, I blame those green drinks again.
Mark and Paul talking technical stuff, boy talk for sure while the girls were all going green.

Not only is it St Patrick's day but she is pregnant also so more than allowed a Guinness or two, she won a t-shirt in our raffle which she may want to pick up in a couple of months unless her name is Demi.
Uniting the nations, there are two Sharon's on the island and here you have them both!

Three very generous and wonderful animal people living the dream in San Pedro, Belize.

Aida and friends tasting our home made salsa and nibbles that kept coming out of that wee kitchen.
Michelle and Jeff, a skydiver that came and won't leave, we are happy about that as he brings a smile to many peoples faces and is always popping in to see the girls at Lime.

This young couple just got married a couple of weeks ago, Mario and his lovely wife that work at Reef Village and need more than one day for their honeymoon JD!

D and E's and Tropic are putting the world to rights.

Even the camera was getting tired at this point and went a bit blurred or is it the person using it.

Irish cheesy chips were a total hit with Sharon's secret sauce which may have to be added to the new menu.
Helda and Tracey did a stella job in selling raffle tickets, notice where she was putting the money, I guess there is a bit of room for more money especially as it is for the animals!

Jewels from Sweet Basil came to add some glamour to the whole evening and brought their Irish music to help us really get in the swing of things, think those green drinks already did that!

Taking money of people is always serious stuff which I should know after being in sales for six years,. Check out Robbie behind me seeing how it is done as he is doing a Grand national fundraiser for the humane society and has put up a prize for the best sales person. Little does he know how incentivised I am when there is a bet and prize at stake!

Um Cinders at this point possibly doesn't remember this shot bless her.

I however at this point still do but I didn't start the jello shots as early as some so still have a couple of hours left in me.

There was certainly some life at this bar tonight as always and the bar seems to appeal to people for dancing, we will be doing it on the bar next! This looks like a usual Friday night just more green.

Here she is the lovely Cassidy as promised in an earlier post.

Our lovely cook Karen with her husband letting their hair down for a change and being the princess that she truely is.

Someone else having hair issues, cheers to Grant all was soon reorganised.

Tracey who wouldn't come and work at Lime as a bar person but did to run the tour side looking at home there after all, the green slime gets the blame again!

It was the first night of many future events and a great way to launch Lime as the new spot in San Pedro where everyone knows your name and if they don't they soon will cheers to everyone and see you there soon!


dodgy said...

Pedro can't be very happy with you at the moment !!! It looks like a fun place to be right now. Good Luck. Missing you all.

Teresa said...

Hey Sharon, looks like you and Cindy have a hit! Great job, congratulations on the best hangout on the island. Please give Mario and that beautiful bride of his our congrats too! Doug and Teresa in Mexico