Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day off in the jungle

Change of scenery this week and quality time spent with some very special friends made from my time at BBay. They had never been to the mainland so we hooked up with a great guide that we use at Lime and off we went to explore some of it.

This is just the quirkiest thing, you have to bang with the gong and someone knows you are waiting and heads over in the wee boat to get you.

The kids are like how we going to get across, well I was thinking that actually having never been this way before.
Off we trek

This very fit young man pulled us across with the rope.

Beautiful views eh!

This was the real treat of the day the chance to go horse riding in the most fantastic setting.

They were ready and waiting for us

The kids were sizing them up as were the horses of the wee ones.

Adults first then to see who would ride with who?

Wow look at this big girl on her own horse and looking very confident.

The little man looked to be going with daddy at first.

Then before you knew it he had a horse of his own and another confident rider.

Off they trot

Bye bye guys we will see you soon, hold on and return in one piece please!

Um now for Donna and I to go and chill at the great resort next door that we use, time for some sun and R and R.

Like this lovely lady needs any more sun, she certainly goes home with more colour then when she comes to Belize.
Checking out the spectacular view

Spot the monkey in the tree

They have a wide range of exotic birds that chat away all day, a bit like us women.

Our guide hanging out in one of the many hammocks

Time to head back across the river

Someone was getting tired and no doubt as it had been a long full on day bless him.

Dad was happy to be co-pilot

The wee puddle jumpers are always a thrill

Tough commute for some people I know but what can you do.

Back on land in San Pedro safe and sound

A great day spent with some really great people, thank you for the memories guys and hurry back next year so we can do another adventure ttfn.

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