Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mutt House MakeOver


SAGA and the animals at fort dog need your help!

The condition of the accommodation has deteriorated so badly that the dogs are in danger of injury and diseases are being spread.

A programme of works has been prepared and we need lots of volunteers, each to give two hours of their time to do some simple painting and DIY tasks.

You can volunteer by either

1. phoning Robbie on 628 9946 or emailing

2. leaving your details with Ingrid at SAGA

3. leaving your details with Sharon at Lime.

If you are unable to come and work, you can still help by donating any left over paint or building materials or by becoming a Mutt House Makeover GOLDEN SPONSER by paying $35BZ for one of the 22 locks we urgently require.

Volunteers can work alone or in small groups or we can pair you up with others and work can be done at any time by arrangement with Robbie.

This is a chance to give some hands on help that doesn't involve cleaning up dog mess so call soon.

Don't forget that this is an extra problem that we can solve quickly and cheaply by all acting together, but SAGA and FOTHS do both need your usual support as well.


Rachel Hoke said...

put us down for $50 US since we can't be there personally. Good luck!

Boydies Belize Blog said...

You are the best my friend we and the dogs of San Pedro love you ttfnX