Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday night is 50/50

Happy birthday Natasha, what a glam couple they really are.

Dave from Mexico but originally from England, came in this morning to find accommodation and has hung out with us on and off ever since. Only we can still get golf buggies when everyone else says no!

Guest of honour gets to pull the 50/50 this week

Look who won, Christine here for the week with her son Adam, she keeps upo by paying ahead and won this one while here.

Our new addition to the family who hasn't really got a name yet other than muppet!

Sorry to tease those of you not in Belize right now

Step into Lime and we will sort you out with anything you could need and more!

Everything and everyone has had a new look around here!

Charlie is about to get one once Christine gets him in her chair and gives him a wee trim.

This is the usual look

Finally a smiley Mike

Always a smile from Charlie

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