Friday, April 3, 2009

Day oooooooof!!!

I am being asked recently if I do anything else other than work, well yes I go shopping for work! My day off this week was spent going into Belize city via the express water taxi to shop in the big city so here's how the day went.

We weren't actually on the express one as we took the 9.30am which means it did stop in Caye Caulker but hey who's in a hurry-not me for a change.

Below my am bff happy to be going to see some shops and what you can get if you do decide to live here full time.
The man in her life isn't quite the morning person that we are, bless him the guy doesn't go to bed till the wee hours of the morning so we will let sleeping beauty sleep, well he does need it eh!

On the way out it was a pretty full boat with mainly tourists heading to Caye Caulker or to Belize and onto their next destination. The boat is only 30bz return or 20bz one way which makes it a very affordable day trip as opposed to the plane, however if time is an issue there is no comparison.

This is why we live here, all that beautiful blue water, yes we do live in paradise and we are lucky and we know it.

Once in Belize and after doing the stores near the water taxi we hailed this lovely man Joseph to take us onto a couple of stops, the first being a pub!

Mark especially is so happy to have found somewhere with really decent burgers, this is riverside tavern owned by the Bowen's and a great spot for a bite to eat.

Just like Cheers or the Windmill Inn back in Norfolk.

Before you knew it the afternoon was running away from us and as it was much hotter in the mainland than in San Pedro we decided to get the 3pm taxi back.

A tired but happy camper

Two of them

Everyone is mellow and sleepy in the afternoons that why they invented siestas.

Considering we went with no agenda and very little to buy this is our loot. Jd was glad that I had the day oooof in Lime as he thought it meant no spending well HELLO JD how wrong were you! In my defense these are all must buys, well most of them.

For sure

After a lovely day I had the best way to end it by having dinner with Kathy and Dan Furlotte from Canada at Blue water Grill, makes a change from having breakfast there.

It is a fantastic spot as right near the water with a great breeze.

There was a glass or two of wine involved and some great conversation with some really fabulous people who support the island while here and from afar.

Cheers to having a wonderful day off, it may have seemed a lot to fit in but for me it was time spent with good friends was very relaxing ttfn.

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