Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week one of the challenge and how did people do?

Monday was the weigh in of the first week of the Lime challenge, it was a day early for this week as we want to have the results for the paper each week so from now weigh in is on Monday's.
First up was myself, Tracey and Helda who all had mixed feelings on how we were going to do. As the saying goes the scale doesn't lie so to start the ball rolling we have these results!
I lost 3lbs which wasn't too bad seeing as I did slip with one night of alcohol and a couple of brownies. Tracey stepped up her exercise regime and lost 6.5lbs and Helda also cutting out the alcohol lost 5.5lbs but the overall winner of the week was a full bodied Scotsman who lost a staggering 11.5lbs in one week!
He may have won the battle this week but there are many more weeks to go so lets see if he has stamina as well as willpower.
As a group we lost 52.5lbs in week one so a great start. I made the lime and chicken soup last night and will blog that shortly as it is a very healthy meal option cheers for now.

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Rachel Hoke said...

I wish you would blog that recipe!! I need it! 3 pounds in one week is nothing to cry about Miss Shaz darling - congrats! Wish I would do the same...ugh. I hope you guys are doing a % total body weight lost or it's not fair to the smaller people in the contest right? So it's easier for a 275 pound guy to lose 5 pounds than it is for a 175 pound woman to lose the same 5. So the woman would have lost 2.8% of her total weight and the man would have lost 1.8% of his for the same 5 pounds. You follow? Anyway, hopefully that's what you're doing so it's fair all around. And CONGRATS to everyone!! Now get me the soup recipe!!!