Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Lime Challenge!

Well D day is here and all too soon if you ask me! Those of you that follow this blog and our lives here in San Pedro Belize will remember Cinders and I and our competition with regards to losing weight!
It has started all over again, different venue different people but the same concept as in time to lose some weight and have some banter along the way.
Weigh in day is today and it is a three month programme ending in time for the back tie fundraiser in July.
We have to pay 5bz each week with half that money going to the fundraising for the humane society and the other half going to the winner of that week. This is calculated by the person that loses the most % of their original weight each week.
After three months the overall winner gets $1000bz to spend in either Moondancer or Sundancer depending if it is a man or women that wins.
Of course I will be blogging this along the way as will the local papers who are very keen to follow peoples progress.
I have personally decided to give up drink for a couple of months so there will not be so many silly photos along the way.
That's me for now as I have to run around town on our company transport which is a green bike and do some errands and burn off a couple of pounds, wish me luck ttfn.

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Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for the great blog-keep up the great work!