Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lime has a new toy!

Two very important things happened in Lime on Friday night at 8pm! First up was the 50/50 draw we do each week for the humane society as half your 5bz goes to the fundraising we are doing for an isolation unit and the other half of the takings goes to the winner, which was?

Jo and Matt, yes once again it was an English winner however it is not fixed!

The other was the new noise maker, no not me silly but a mega phone to announce a round of shots!
Like these two need anything to make themselves heard eh!

Jock and his lovely lady stopped by on their way to dinner.

Always a dog around somewhere and usually if you have Phil n Marie you have Ella also.

Even JD has succumbed to cake, well it is full of rum so that was an enticing factor.

Not sure what this was about but a great photo of Marie.

Another shot of the quiet reserved pair-not!

Is this man off his head or what?

I want some of what he is drinking for sure.

He is like a Jack in the box.

What a bunch of posers we get in Lime, on the left are Jo and Matt very happy as they were the winners of the 50/50 which they promptly gave most of back bless them.

Why the Englishmen have to get undressed constantly is beyond me however it amused the rest of us no end.
Not at all sure what look one was going for here with the devil ears and glasses but I don't seem to care.
I think we were all trying to imitate Harry Potter or some evil step monster maybe.

It was all very amusing to people nearby as in friends of mark and Michelle's that just got into town for a visit.
At it again and this time Tracey's mad husband has got Phil at it.

Jo took up smoking

It's contagious and time for someone else to take over. I have to say that is wasn't the busiest night in Lime but one of the funniest so far with many more to come. Stay tuned for some blogs away from the bar as it is soon time to start the Lime challenge and no drinking again! Cheers and have a great weekend from all of us in paradise.

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Rachel Hoke said...

Oh My GOD those photos are hilarious!! Who IS that crazy man with his arms spread out in EVERY SINGLE SHOT??? I have your lovely camera and a matching blue ipod shuffle for FOTHS for your raffles. I really would like to bring a nice gift for Alex and am not sure what. Have you seen him lately? Maybe as him if he'd like a new DS or something like that. Love that kid...

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