Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 2 of the Lime challenge

Saturday morning was 2 days away from our weekly weigh in and the morning after the bad night before as in pizza and red wine. Here we are we our heavenly smoothies which were yellow mangoes thanks to Helda and wow they were fabulous.

I had been out a couple of days ago and bought a waffle maker after seeing a great recipe in a weigh watchers magazine. Here we have some very healthy ones made from Buckwheat flour which were ok but needed something saucy on them so Karen our fantastic cook has come up with fruit puree for next time.

Marley the wandering dog stops by most days to say hi and this particular one was very warm and he was tired out so stayed for a snooze!

What is this you ask? Robbie the winner of weeks one challenge came back from the food fundraiser in the park with a treat for me, I call is sabotage and quickly hid it in the freezer once he was gone!
However to get my own back I sneaked in some dairy milk chocolates for him to find later with his chicken, pay back!

Honestly I just took in the smell of this decadent little number, Robbie however did try and shove this in my face so I tasted some of the sauce.

Breakfast time after our weigh in, JD lost another 2lbs and I was 1.5lbs this week which was ok but now I am super focused so watch out for next week.

It's no yolk it's serious stuff so now no middle of the egg anymore on my plate but no giving up the baked beans!
How JD has lost weight this week I will never know after someone told him we have proper British sausages in Lime right now and he has to have them nearly every day. At least he only has them with HP sauce or Colman's mustard so could be worse.
For all of you out there that is asking about the Lime soup I will blog it later as it is excellent and stays fine in the fridge for a few days cheers and ttfn.


Rachel Hoke said...

so you keep saying but I think the lack of soup recipe is YOUR sabotage to keep me FAT before coming down there!!! SOUP RECIPE or I will NOT cook my fabulous and healthy shrimp dish for you when we're there...

tacogirl said...

Keep up the good work to all who are in Lime Challenge