Monday, April 20, 2009

Farewell guys for now!

It was a sad day but one that was coming for a while and that was saying goodbye to Mr Forrest Jones for a few weeks while he packs up his home in San Fransisco. We gave him the honour of drawing the 50/50 for this week so here he goes!

It is a red poker chip but who's name is on it?

It was Ruth and Chunky who religiously come in and pay their 5bz each and every week so well done guys the drinks are on you!

Another farewell today as my good friend Racquel left for Chicago after a week that flew by, no worries she will be back in June for my birthday hopefully!

She took with her a virgin to the San Pedro who fell in love with it instantly while having her first panty ripper which set the scene for the week. The diving wasn't great but the experience was so maybe see you in June also Tammy, take care and tell everyone in Chicago about us, ttfn.

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Rachel Hoke said...

JUNE??? I wanna come back for the birthday party too dang it!! Get ready for next year though as my plan is to come for a month with the kids on my sabbatical!! WooHoo!! 16 days and counting and we are THERE!!! Can't wait...