Friday, April 17, 2009

Day off and not so good!

Someone had the right idea on a hot and sunny day in Belize, what is one to do other than to jump into a refreshing pool and grabbing some sun therapy.

Charlie was the man behind the beard

Sweet Basil was the choice for lunch with Racquel's mum Robbie and no I didn't have a salad, she had the shrimp kebabs and I had?

Ok not sure what this was but is was oh so fine and rich and not on the Lime challenge sheet at all but will walk the wee ones later for miles to work it off.

Look at this dog and tell me you wouldn't feed it?

The view from Sweet Basil is so lovely

This is one of our main roads up north

What a view we have to deal with each day eh!

Another one sorry

So this was day 3 of the challenge and all good so far with the alcohol but not so great with the healthy food, the scales will tell the truth but I still have 4 days to go to win week 1, umm.

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