Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The last supper!

A beautiful Easter Sunday morning once the sun came out to play, this was the view from my good friend Christine and her son Adam as they came to see me in Lime.

The banana French toast was so good he just had to have it again three days in a row, bless that growing boy.
After brekky, Adam went out on a Hobycat with the boys and took to sailing like a duck!

My newly painted house in my new fav colours, it was so peaceful for about 5 minutes then people came to party!

The dogs didn't know what was about to hit them and just thought we were having a quiet day chillin out by the pool.

Grant the head chef of the day and very proud of his Venison and stuffed chicken wings with pork which were absolutely divine.

A lovely photo of Beth and Helda, cheers my friend see I will post good ones thanks to Christine and her camera.
The lovely Ruth minus Chunky as they had two invites today and he had to go steady with that knee of his and Ruth had to give me some decadent chocolate fudge!

What is it about men and their barbeques?

Check out his cool shirt from the recent rugby trip.

It was heating up so time to get in or dip something in the pool as can be seen here modeled by Forrest and Beth.
My new umbrella and stand that mum and dad indirectly paid for thank you very much lol!

The food of the day was a BYO pot luck jobby which as always turned out to be just great and plenty of it. For those of us starting the Lime challenge on Tuesday it was a last day of eating whatever looked good which unfortunately was most of it!

Thanks to Forrest and his lovely salads there was one healthy dish on the table.

Well someone had to taste everything and it might as well be me!

A tree I guess!

Ok so I have one or two friends, my house isn't just a parking lot, look how neat everybody is.

Not everyone goes barefoot in Belize, just a lot of them eh Grant!

This dessert blew everyone away, simple but effective bit like a lot of the people here today!

I wondered where that tomato juice went as I knew there was one missing from the fridge Mr Robbie!

This is where is all started to get silly, thanks to Grant then Phil then Taco boy!

Someone must have put Abba on the stereo.

Who is camera shy all of a sudden?

Caught in the act twice! Finally she sleeps after seeing her comments on facebook she hasn't done a lot of that lately then there is Molly! I do believe I have a no dog on the sofa rule in my house which was clearly being disobeyed tonight.

I took Cinders lead after this shot and got myself horizontal also, time for bed after a fantastic Easter barbe which some really fantastic people cheers gang and thanks for the hangover!

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Rachel Hoke said...

Those barbe photos were great! So bummed out that we missed it but we had a huge Easter dinner here ourselves that left us all groaning and moaning. Wish we could have all been together at YOUR plave however! As for the "no dog on the sofa rule" I for one can't WAIT to come to your place and immediately BREAK that rule as a certain someone did when they were visiting Michigan... (see past Boydie blog titled A day in the life of Rachel Hoke for proof!)

Cheers you! Can't wait to see everyone in 21 DAYS!!!