Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grand National fun-raiser

All serious stuff this particular Tuesday as it was the draw for the Grand National race for our current fund raiser for the humane society. As can be seen above we have Beth and Robbie keeping us on track and organising the whole thing.

Grant was the official puller of the night, of tickets of course!

I got to hold the box and mix things up a bit

Guest appearance by the man himself the one and only JD, well it is Tuesday!

This smiley pair heard how good the fish and chips were so wanted to check for themselves that some good food came out of England after all.

A new character in the mix?

Two regulars to the island and big supporters to Saga in every way.

The blogger being blogged!

Another birthday and more cake!

Happy birthday to my morning BFF Michelle Boyle previously Scott.

The theme of the night was Canada hence the colours of red and white!

Our cook and her sister who is new to the group, now we have double trouble!

Their first birthday spent here in Belize and they look pretty happy to be here eh!

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