Saturday, April 25, 2009

Buckets of Beer and wings! TGIF

This Friday was the launch of our buckets of beer and wings in Lime which were coated in Sharon's (Canadian of course not me) secret sauce! Tommy didn't want to miss out and came super early to try them out and we got a big thumbs up.

Also new tonight was the waterfall which is a shot of Jaegar and a shot of beer drunk at the same time, of course JD was happy to try this wee number out for us.

It can be a tiny bit messy but he made gallant attempts to perfect it.

Helda's turn to show everyone how it is done.

Jd recruiting people to join in.

Look who's back in the fold and very happy to be as are we to have them both back, welcome home Jim and Jamilla.

We all agree that Jim is looking a bit pale and needs to get out in the sun or we will be calling him Michael soon!
Happy families
Jd showing us all the secret of his weight loss last week!

He is doing exercise but don't tell the wife or before you know it she will have him at her water aerobics!
As you can see he had everyone in the bar in stitches

He was worn out after that little stint.

The wings were a hit and these boys made themselves drink extra beer to get some more of them.
8pm and time for the 50/50 which was drawn by our guest of honour tonight Jamilla.

Who won this week? Surely it is my turn as I have never won yet!

Look at that radiant smile you would think she had just pulled her own number but no it was?

Yep Mrs JD won again and the money was happily handed over to John who promptly put it into some of that naughty back stuff-yes Yaegar!

Time for some dancing lessons from the expert who is remarkably light on his feet.

Michelle is always ready to join in and have a boogie

I see a move coming on that they don't give you grades for JD!

Slowly turning into the Conga

Now he is worn out for the night but I bet he lost 2 more pounds, unlike some of us that went on to eat pizza after this! Another Friday came and went but the hangover remains, cheers for now.

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