Friday, April 17, 2009

Um day one started like this!

So here we have the least camera shy of the bunch after their weigh in, does this feel like deja vu? Helda has her own personal bet with her partner Robbie who is very competitive so good luck girlfriend.
Here we have Kim one our hairdressers on San Pedro.

It is me really with my new hair!

This was Charlie's pose while it was all going on around him, is this man chilled or what.

Oh another nice photo of Beth, aren't we doing well.

Grant wants to get back to his RAF days and be fit and cute, take more than weight loss he he!

Helda enjoying this part of the weigh in, her man was next in line and caught these two in the act.

Look what stud turned up to say hi and show us how keeping off the sauce can make you super fit, hey hey Burkey good to see you again and smelling as fine as always.

There goes that naughty drink again, who is the sexy senior this time?

Neither of these two for sure as they are sexy juniors!

The lovely Renee and JD of course who needed a stiff one after his weigh in but he has lost a few pounds before we started.

So here starts 3 months of healthy eating and laying off the booze which may have to be interrupted whilst friends come and visit, cheers to one and all and thanks for the low fat recipe's keep them coming ttfn.

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Rachel Hoke said...

yes go on the wagon for the next 2 weeks and then have a few when we get there!!